Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Right to Love

Words of a friend ring out true.

As I watch the election results trickle in, the failure of the gay marriage ban is becoming questionable. Many wait with baited breath to find out whether or not the right to marry the person they choose will be taken away from them. I on the other hand don’t worry about it at all, but for reasons that most haven’t considered.

People tend to want to label me to fit me neatly into their comfortably narrow-minded view of the universe. But you see, I’m not a pervert. I’m not a faggot. I’m not a homosexual. I’m simply a man. And inside this man’s chest beats a human heart with the capacity, freedom, and right to love fully whomever I choose. That right was not given me by four Justices of the California Supreme Court. It was not awarded me by the Mayor of San Francisco. It was not bestowed upon me by the voters of the State of California , nor was it validated by the culture in which I live. My right to love was given me by God himself, and no man can take that away. My right to my life, my liberty, and to pursue my happiness is an inalienable right, one that was gifted to me by virtue of being created in God’s image, and which I was given at birth along with my first breath of sweet air. No other human has the right to take that away from me, either inside or outside a voting booth. I won’t let them, since it was never mine to surrender in the first place. I refuse to slink off back to the closet just so some petty busybody can feel superior and pat himself on the back for staving off Armageddon for one more year, erroneously thinking that God’s timetables were somehow dependent upon this small actions.

I cannot control what others believe, nor what other people do or say. I can only control my destiny. Because of that, I cannot remain silent. I will not. My rights are not more important than anyone else’s. But they aren’t less important either. Neither are my feelings less valid, nor my love less true. It is for this reason that I will not go down without a fight. I will not cower silently into the night, joining once again the hateful ranks of the less thans. I will be heard. I will be seen. And I will not tolerate anything less than full recognition of my right to be a human, and my inalienable right to love just like everyone else. I am as much a child of God as anyone else. Accepting anything less is a betrayal to my true self – an admission that I am a mistake – an acceptance of God’s fallibility. And that I cannot do. I hope you feel the same.

I see a new day coming where we will return to a PRIDE march that isn't commercialized by corporations that solely see us as a dispensable income market nor by the adult porn industry that sees us as some niche within the industry nor by the media which depicts us as mere stereotypes. Although our cause has seen some headway in the mainstream. There is still much more that needs to be done. Our community continually needs to ban together in love once again to speak out with one clear voice about the truth of our existence.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Health Club HELL!!!

Alright! I recently relocated to New Jersey. Having relocated to several different locations within the past 10 years, I've gotten moving down to a science. When you relocate there is locating the new home, changing over driver's license, registering your car, forwarding your mail, finding a doctor, finding a dentist, finding the right hair salon and the important one finding a new gym. Finding a good gym should be easy. Throughout my various relos, I have been a member of Crunch, Gold's Gym, 24 Hr Fitness, World Gym, Stacked, Hyde Street Gym and each time I have gone through the living hell of the Fitness Trainer or I should call him by his real title SALESMAN!
I have been made to carry a 5lb weight around the gym, while the 'trainer' shows me the faciliaties. After which, he takes the 5lb weight back making the claim, "Doesn't it feel good to drop 5lbs?" OR I get the wonderful 30 minute 'flip book' presentation of what the gym has to offer. And the price structure is so confusing that it takes a roadmap for the trainer to show me ALL the different "roads to fitness". BUT WAIT!!! just when you thought you knew what you were signing up for, the trainer...oops, salesman has a DEAL for you. He'll waive the initiation fee or reduce it in half. WHAT a nice guy he is?!? And for MY convenience, they will set me up for an automatic withdrawal from my checking account or bill my credit card. Basically, the gym now has access to my bank account. But what if I don't want automatic withdrawal? sorry, you have to given them a credit card anyway so that you won't skip a payment.
Work Out World in New Jersey claims to be making Jersey Stronger. I decided that I have had enough of the hard sale tactics and decided to go out to their website. I liked their website very much. And guess what, there was a place where I could sign up ONLINE??? Awesome, I don't have to waste my time with a 20 year old college reject presenting a 2 hour sales pitch so that I can simply lift weights and shower. When I clicked on that tab, cause I was thinking they have an immediate sale because of this feature alone; it tells me that THAT option isn't functioning yet and I have to call the gym. ARGHHH!!! Can you feel my blood pressure rise? Ok, I will call the gym and get ALL of the information upfront. George, the fitness trainer/salesman, basically tells me that he cannot share prices over the phone and if I'd like to come into the gym he'd be more than happy to show me around. What the fuck? The poor unfortunate soul began to get the wrath of the pornpaparazzi. I told him, IF he wants the sale and I assured him that if he was upfront and honest with THIS consumer, he'd have a sale by the end of our call. With vigor and anticipation, he spills the basic price. My sigh of relief echoed across New Jersey. But it was short lived. I still had to into the gym to sign up. When I got there, George forgot to mention the annual renewal fee and the gym maintenance fee. I looked at him in the eye, thanked him for his time and walked out of the gym without purchasing a membership; then went to the nearest sport store and purchased my own set of weights.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Dating Sites or Amateur Porn?

AdultFriend Finder, Sex Search, Manhunt, Adam4Adam,, eHarmony and the list goes on. Everyone is in search for Mr. Right, Mrs. Right or the Right Nows! It is like a grocery store of meeting people. You can go down to the dairy section or the produce section, find the brand you like and by pass all the rest because it wasn't the grocery item for what you came to the store. Looking for a big boobed blonde with blue eyes and shaved snatch? Hey, put in your search criteria and you can bypass all of the little titty brunettes with brown eyes and a snatch to match. Need some 10" cocked muscle dude with a tight butt to drill your ass for an hour, then change your search criteria and all the little skinny pricks will never been seen.

I realize that I have become an itemized checklist that can be used to include or exclude me from any given search. There could be hundreds of potentials who would meet me in person and be like, "I want a piece of that", however in the cyber world I could easily be ignored because my 'stats' don't match what my cyber hook up is looking for. Thus, we must come to the realization that everyone is a product and those that can market their product the best with the best packaging get bought. We ALL know that SEX sells. These are beginning to be populated with titty pics, ass pics, cock pics, pussy pics and everything in between. We take nudie pics of ourselves to titillate our audiences into purchasing US. If my best feature is my 12" dick, then poof my lead picture is that of my erected penis with the caption...A Foot of Fun!. Or if my titties are perfectly formed, then lead picture is a girls gone wild pic on my patio. But my question to all of you who take those naughty naughty pictures, IS THAT WHO YOU REALLY ARE?

So, have the 'dating' sites slowly become the amateur porn sites of the future? Does it bother anyone that someone is logging onto SexSearch and jerking off to your picture, but doesn't bother to at least send you a wink or a "hi"? Have we gotten to the point where we actually don't care how our own image online maybe manipulated and used? I don't have to go to any amateur porn site to rub one out, my membership to Friendfinder will do just fine.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Do Celebrities Poop?

Alright, I understand that EVERYONE POOPS. I've read the book and I am not naive to think that famous people don't have to use the toilet from time to time. But do they POOP? Does Sharon Stone ever get a floater? Does Meryl Steep grunt when she tries to back out a prickly? Does Rene Zellwinger ever get back splash when the turd hits the water? Does Jennifer Aniston ever smoke a cigarette while sitting on the can?

The paparazzi are missing all of the really good shots. I don't need to see Britnany Spears looking all strung out running out of the grocery store, any more. Lindsay Lohan showing her beaver while getting out of a limo is old news. But show me Paris Hilton squatting on the porclein thrown reading Intouch with herself on the cover, NOW that is a picture I'd pay for. The paraparazzi need to start camping out in the bathroom at Spagos or The Viper Room and get those 'real' people moment pictures of our celebrities.

That is my 2 cents on celebrity poop.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

SexKey v2.0 Goes Live

Sexkey v2.0 Goes Live! Payouts Increased to $25 per Join

September 17, 2008 - We are excited to announce the release of Sexkey v2.0! The new program is packed with an abundance of new promotional tools to help convert your valuable surfer traffic and generate more sales!

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Most importantly, we have increased payouts to $25 across the board for all Sexkey joins
No matter what form you are using, no matter what processor, no matter which promo code - you will receive $25 per join for all sign-ups. New payouts will be reflected in your Sales report effective September 17th.

As always, we appreciate your support and are looking forward to issuing larger payments to you with your continued promotion of our program.
Don’t forget to keep submitting new sites
If you have been using the same sites to promote us for a while, now is the time to submit new ones. Take advantage of our new look and feel and create some new sites with the new tools we have created for you. They convert!

Your feedback is important to us
Please let us know what you think about the new program and marketing tools. We also realize that you may need something that was not included in this release and will work with you to provide all the tools necessary to make Sexkey a success for you. Send requests for custom marketing materials to

Thanks for promoting Sexkey!

Parking Tickets, NJ Cops, and California Plates

Alright, I understand that many states across America do not like California. There are the secret wishes that the BIG ONE will hit and California will drift off into the ocean. The jokes about California being the land of fruits and nuts does have some merit. This stereotype, generality or dare I say, profiling hurts EVERYONE. Let me share my story with you.
I am originally from Iowa. Iowa is known for corn, wrestling, sincerity and the great midwestern work ethic. I lived in San Francisco, California. San Francisco is known for great food, beautiful scenery, gay mecca and the heart of liberalism. I have since moved to New Jersey. And to be honest, I am still too new to know exactly what New Jersey is known for, but I am sure I will learn and share it with you. Hopefully, you are getting the picture. Iowa Farm Boy with a California Car living in New Jersey.
My second day at work, I am parked in the location that my employer told me to park. I did notice that there was a sign that stated 3 hour parking. "Nah, they never ticket here", said the nice man who hired me. He completely under estimated the allure that a yellow Dodge Neon with California plates has on a New Jersey Police Officer. I can only image how the cop felt when he saw the opportunity to ticket a "Fruit" or "Nut" from California with a $45 parking ticket. His extreme joy spilled on to the cars around me. He actually ran out of tickets on his pad as he was able to ticket ALL of the cars in the lot. Basically, my YELLOW DODGE NEON with California Plates was the beacon which alerted the officer to over 20 other cars that were parked there for longer then 3 hours. My car was the victim of profiling, thus opening the flood gates. The officer made his quota for the whole month in just one trip to the 3 hour municipal parking lot.
My thoughts pondered, if only I had gotten New Jersey plates the first day here, would there have been a parking ticket massacre on my second day at work?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Arrived at SexKey and Mansites

Hey Friends and Followers. Today was my first day at and We are excitedly anticipating our new and improved SexKey 2.0. A new look, a better payout and so much more to offer the affiliates. Literally THOUSANDS of sites for all of us porn watchers to enjoy. I'll keep you up to date with all of the awesome things that are going on in my life. Also, the first Adult Expo that I will be attending is in LA in November. Looking forward to sharing the insider information on my experience. Until next time, here is some Man Candy for all.